May Day

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Apr 26 2014 18:55
May Day

If you can't make it during day attend May Day Carnival in evening
AF will meet at 11.30 outside Marx Memorial Library, Clerkenwell Green on May 1st at 11.30 am for AF lit stall, distribution of new anti-war Resistance and new Organise! and our May Day leaflet. Plus revolutionary speeches on the Green helped by our megaphone. March on demo to Trafalgar Square with our banner flags,hopefully as part of a libertarian bloc.
AF lit stall at Traf Square/continued distro of Resistance etc
and then this at 6pm: which we will be supporting
ULU, Malet Street, May 1st
Meet 6PM, set off 7.30PM
"The University has seen mass pickets by cleaners, caterers, students and other insubordinates, arm in arm before the gates of a paint splattered university HQ. Watching through clenched teeth and the multiple lenses of their surveillance equipment, management have seen this too, and have sought to restore exploitation in the only way they know how — with lies, evasion - and straightforward violence.
This fight was always about more than the university. Televisions blare out the news of our continued impoverishment: tuition fees up, wages down, No benefits for you! No pay for you! Repayment dates and overdue rent. “Seek assistance” the barriers scream. Another fiver today. Tomorrow, another.
But in school classrooms and underground stations, amongst the underpaid of the opera houses and cinemas, something stirs: Disaffection is finding its feet. The people that capital likes to imagine are solidly under its thumb are taking the fight back to the bosses.
Join us and our soundsystem at the university HQ on the evening of May 1st for a CARNIVAL to celebrate these victories and show the bosses and cops that despite their continued intimidation, we will keep on fighting.
This is a Carnival for everyone: the precarious, the low paid, the zero-houred, the part-time, the temporary, the interned, the unemployed, the workfared, the sacked, the redundant, the indebted. Bring yourselves and your sound systems to ULU - Malet St - for 6PM, the parade will depart at 7.30."

Let us know if you can make it