May Resistance

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May 22 2012 12:32
May Resistance

Just to let you know Resistance May issue is online if you haven't read it. Go to the website for the PDF or to read online.

As usual this issue has also been sent to the email subscriber lists:

Full contents of RESISTANCE bulletin issue #141 May 2012

• Refugee Evictions,
• Prisoners’ Support,
• Bahrain Unrest Smoulders On,
• Anonymous China Take Down Government Websites,
• Suicide Sparks Mass Anger in Greece,
• Pensions Fight Continues,
• The Unions: Who Are They?,
• Alfie Meadows Solidarity Demo,
• Workfare Picket in Bournemouth,
• Translation from CNT about General Strike in Spain,
• Argentina: “Yesterday, Subversives. Today, Terrorists”.

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Jun 5 2012 05:31

All issues (including the new June 2012 one #142) can be found here:

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Jun 6 2012 08:17

This is a pretty good one as they go