Nationalism pamphlet update

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Aug 5 2009 15:00
Nationalism pamphlet update

Its been mentioned several times on here that we've been putting together a pamphlet on nationalism and national liberation struggles. The motive for this came out of the war in Gaza at the beginning of the year, the interventions being made by the AF and comrades in Solfed and Organise! at demos and other events, and the reactions to internationalist views on the conflict (specifically, those that refused to lend any kind of support to Palestinian nationalism or militant groups however 'critical'.) We felt it was necessary to have a text available that laid out the basis of our internationalism, alongside a critique of nationalism, national liberation movements and leftist support for them, from a libertarian communist perspective.

The pamphlet is written, agreed upon and nearly ready to go to press. Its currently having some final adjustments made - some footnotes to expand on some historical points are being added, along with a preface explaining our motivations. It'll be available online as soon as its finished, and printed copies will be available from us immediately and ready for bookfair season.

The hope is that it will circulate as widely as the leaflets put out at the time of the war.