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Jan 3 2012 00:26

Ah, "backing" in that sense, I see.

For what it's worth, I don't think it's a particularly major problem that needs to be tackled NOW, but maybe something to be cleaned up in the future as it isn't totally clear without explanation. (Unless I'm totally thick, which is a very real possibility as well wink)

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Jan 3 2012 11:09
no1 wrote:
Weekly Worker wrote:
IB No2 claimed that the SWP’s “registered membership” is 7,127, but the CC’s financial report in IB No3 paints a rather different and more realistic picture. A table is published showing that since January 1 2009 there are 2,010 new ‘members’ old enough to set up a direct debit, yet only 542 of them (27%) pay membership subscriptions.

not sure I believe those numbers - how could they afford all their fulltimers, a weekly paper and all those bloody placards at every demo with the subs of 500 odd members?

From what I remember, I think the CC gives paper sales quotas to branch organisers who make up the difference out of their own pocket for any unsold papers.