Need an employment lawyer please

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Oct 15 2010 12:48
Need an employment lawyer please


My company is making changes to my dept giving me more responsibilities with yet the same pay.. same case with my colleagues.

I still haven't signed the new contract, can anyone help/guide me please



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Chilli Sauce
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Oct 16 2010 19:42

No union, presumably? Where are you based, that might help people to direct you?

Unfortunately, in my experience there are loopholes that allow employers to do this. In my last job I worked for a council that tried to do this exact same thing and I'm sure they must have worked out legal cover before they gave us the ultimatum...

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Oct 23 2010 08:53

thanks ncwob, no.. no union.... I am based in North Dorset.
I went through the company policies, employee's handbook etc...and I am on my own here really... I have had a couple of meetings and have complained firmly and assertively about this. They said they could take action against me for being aggressive.. hahaha

anyhow... I am always looking for another job... hopefully will become a freelance at some point!


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Oct 23 2010 23:39

My guess is those who do not sign the new contract will get laid off a few weeks later for reasons nothing to do with you not signing the new contract.

My only suggestion is if you are in a client service industry make sure you get yourself a list of the clients, that will make you highly employable to a new company if they are in competition with them.

You could also ask you employer what would happen if you didn't sign the new contract or refused the new responsibilities with a decent recording device in your pocket, maybe they'de incriminate themselves.