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Rob Ray
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Jul 7 2008 16:49
New AF groups

Hey just got through a bit via the EASF newswire saying two new groups have started up in Cambridge and Norwich, but there's no contact details and the info's pretty sparse, so was wondering whether any of you fine folks could enlighten me or pass on a contact via PM so I can expand on the story a bit?

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Jul 8 2008 15:25

I can send you a personal email of one of the founding members if you want to talk to someone involved. I don't think they have set up an official email yet (they only founded like a week or so ago). Feel free to pm me any queries you might have regardless.

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Jul 9 2008 13:39

I'm a new member of the AFed and invovled with the EAAFed, actively in the Cambridge sub-group. We're looking into gaining a few members so to establish the Norwich section so it can form a group in its own right, so this is why we're currently call ourselves East Anglia Anarchist Federation.
We have a myspace page-
and a hotmail address-
Get in contact!