Organise #66 is out - get your copy

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May 9 2006 08:45
Organise #66 is out - get your copy

The new issue of Organise! (issue 66, spring 2006) has been hailed as one of the best ever tongue

Articles are on:

* Venezuela (interview with CRA)

* Empowering prisoners through support

* Analysis of ID bill and tactics for opposing ID cards and database

* Rossport 'Shell to Sea' campaign - analysis of a community struggle

* Spanish Revolution 1936 (70th anniversary article)

* Interview with IWW member involved with opposing 'mountain top removal' mining in USA

* Anarchist approaches to media and academia - and find out who's been asking us on to TV

* KSL pamphlet reviews (4 pamphlets and a nice plug for KSL)

* Paul Avrich obituary

* A couple of revolutionary portraits

Copies available now!, as explained at: