ORGanise! 77 has appeared- 25th anniversary issue!

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Oct 18 2011 12:39
ORGanise! 77 has appeared- 25th anniversary issue!

No 77 of Organise! has appeared. A special anniversary issue, this bumper edition( 56 pages) has articles such as
The anti-cuts movement and the Left
The great unrest 1910-1914
25 years of the AF
2 exciting and contrasting articles on the Paris Commune
an in-depth look at the Mexican Revolution
plus the usual Revolutionary Portrait, Culture pages-the anarchist sculptor Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, reviews as well as an obituary of our much-missed comrade Bob Miller
From bookshops, your local AF militant, or you can get at at our stalls at the Bookfair on October 22nd in London at Queen Mary College, Mile end road, London E1. Nearest tubes Stepney Green and Mile End.

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Oct 25 2011 12:01

Yes indeed. To order a copy, or better still subscribe, go to:

FULL CONTENTS Organise! magazine Issue 77 Winter 2011:

- Editorial - What's in the latest Organise! - The Anniversary Issue
- 25 years of the AFED - reviewing the last 5 years of the Anarchist Federation. READ THIS ONLINE NOW.
- The Paris Commune of 1871 and its impact - 140th anniversary
The Paris Commune: A contested legacy
"Vive la Commune!"
Revolutionary Portrait: Eugene Varlin, Martyr of the Paris Commune
- The Anti-Cuts Movement and the Left: A local activist's perspective
- The Great Unrest: prelude to the storm - industrial disorder and school strikes 1910-14
- The day will come: Chicago 1886 - 124th Anniversary of the Haymarket Massacre
- The Mexican Revolution of 1911 - Centenary year
The land belongs to those who work it - The Magon brothers & Zapata
Uprising in Baja - battles of the California border towns
A Grave Error - the Mexican Syndicalists
- The anarchist sculptor: Henri Gaudier Brzeska
- Review: Ghost Dancers: The Miners' Last Generation, by David John Douglass
- Obituary: Bob Miller (1953-2011)