Organise! 80 is out!

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May 8 2013 16:23
Organise! 80 is out!

Organise 80, Summer 2013

The latest issue of the AF's magazine is out. RUST (Anarchy in the Thatcher Years - Extended editorial reflecting on the emergence of class struggle anarchism in the 1980s), SWP, Privilege Theory, Organised Safer Space, Repression in Belarus, The Idea of the Commune in Anarchist Practice, Reviews (Platformism in Latin America, El Libertario text, Solfed pamphlet, Haymarket, German exile in revolutionary Spain), Letter about Occupy!

Order single issues of Organise issue #80 by post (online ordering of the latest issue from AK Press or Active Distribution will be available very soon).

Download last issue (no.79) PDF for free: Many back issues are also online, some also in print from AK Press or Active Distribution

Please consider subscribing and/or donating to our press fund.

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Jun 9 2013 12:14

PDF of no. 80 now available for free download...