Organise! magazine - next issue for Oct 21 bookfair

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Aug 7 2006 08:58
Organise! magazine - next issue for Oct 21 bookfair

As we've lost a few of the more recent posts due to server updating, thought I'd add one so you know we're still here!

The next Organise! (no67) is due to come out in time for the Anarchist Bookfair in London on Oct 21st.

The pages of Organise! are open to articles from non-members. If any one fancies writing an article the deadline was Aug 15th. But we can probably let you have a couple more weeks on top if you let us know ...

Info for writers plus current and many back issues Organise! magazine (and other AF publications) are online at

We also welcome letters. If you liked or disliked an article, or have any comments to make, please send them to us (see Organise! page to see where to send these).

All for now.