Organise no. 67 coming out at the bookfair

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Oct 6 2006 14:06
Organise no. 67 coming out at the bookfair

Next Organise! mag no.67 will soon be available - firstly at the London anarchist bookfair, then from all good radical bookshops/social centres, and from the usual address. To get copies or subscribe see:

Contents of the new issue:

  • EDITORIAL: as we celebrate 20 years of the AF, we reiterate the need for anarchist organisations.
  • GROWTH & UNGROWTH: capitalism's need for growth is destroying the environment. Is there anything that can be called good growth? We also look at the idea of 'Decroissance', translated as ungrowth, that is gaining interest amongst French anarchists.
  • THE HUNGARIAN REVOLUTION OF 1956 - fifty years after this inspiring revolt against Stalinist rule we examine the history of this important event.
  • THE VAST MACHINE: state power and surveillance both affect political dissent. A feature article and interview with Belarus anarchists illustrates the problem.
  • SWAZILAND: repression is increasing in this absolute monarchy where a state of emergency has been in place since 1973. The regime is supported by both South Africa and Britain.
  • THE 1926 GENERAL STRIKE: in what sense was it 'betrayed' by the TUC? Could things have turned out differently? Organise! investigates.
  • 20 YEARS OF THE AF: an open letter surveys what we have done over the last decade and asks some questions to our readers. We also look back over the second decade of Organise! magazine and present a non-member's view of the AF's achievements.
  • CULTURE: ARMAND GUERRA, Typesetter, film maker, scenario writer, actor and anarchist.
  • 3 REVIEWS: Charles H. Kerr radical publishers' 120th birthday + Storming Heaven: Class Composition and Struggle in Italian Autonomist Marxism from Pluto Press + War and revolution: the Hungarian anarchist movement in World War I and the Budapest Commune (1919) from KSL.
  • REVOLUTIONARY PORTRAIT: ERICH MUESHAM, Poet, playwright, bohemian and anarchist revolutionary, executed by the Nazis in 1934.
  • OBITUARY: JOAQUIN PEREZ, the last surviving member of The Friends of Durruti dies, aged 99.
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Oct 22 2006 15:01

It's a good issue this one, so well done to everyone involved in producing it.

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Nov 5 2006 23:18

The latest issue of Organise! is well worth a butcher’s.

It shows that there’s an alive and active anarcho-communist organisation operating today.

It’s also a good move to outline the AF’s past activities.

Too often AF has been dismissed by idiots who insist on farcical stunts as well as participating in the electoral circus and liberal posers who are infatuated by ‘rebels’ such the as the gun toting capitalists of the I.R.A

Viva communist anarchy!

Daniel. (East London)

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Nov 6 2006 16:04

look forward to seeing it.

any idea when subscribers will be getting their copy?

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Nov 15 2006 16:25

Have you received it yet? If not PM your details and we can look into it.