Pensions change

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Rob Ray
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Jun 25 2006 11:48
Pensions change

Yalrite, just doing a quick bit for the Libcom newswire on the pensions change on the front page of the Sunday Times, was wondering what you lot think of it?,,2087-2242597,00.html

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Jul 6 2006 11:28

This is the first I'd heard about this. Interesting. Last year there was a brief 'united front' between UNISON and PCS (and various others) prior to the strike action that was called off, but a seperate Civil Servants deal saw PCS 'happy'.

They may be less chuffed now.

The LGPS Strike in March by UNISON, GMB etc. has yet to see an outcome, though there's a deal on the table in Scotland. I wonder if HMG intend to do a deal and then change it 6 months down the line?

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