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Joseph Kay
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Jul 31 2006 18:46
phoenixd7 wrote:
proof isn't really required

then please disprove the fact you keep a hareem of kidnapped toddlers in your basement. I'm starting to see why you like stalinists tongue

To be fair to Che, he could have become a fat rich capitalist and didn't when he had the chance. Fair dues, but it doesn't redeem him for his anti-working class antics (he was even captured in Bolivia because he parachuted himself in as saviour without local support). And the dolphin thing really doesn't "ring true", that one really is a grossly exagerated slur by anarchists grin

If you really need a revolutionary hero who died for his cause, may i suggest Buenventura Durruti. He's not as handsome (i'm sure you won't judge him on looks wink ), but he does have a fine line in stirring poetic speeches and working class credibility.

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Jul 31 2006 19:02

I have banned phoenixd7.

I don't think that his views brought anything to the forum, and his style did not lend itself to listening to anyone else, learning from them or helping them understand anything.

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Aug 2 2006 14:10

I hardly think that was nessecary, i've constantly been trying to help others understand where i'm coming from, and I always try to answer the questions even when it means repeating myself. But I won't bitch on and on, it's your choice I guess. But it doesn't say much for the tolerant liberation veiws of libcom when you block your members who cause up a stir now does it?

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Aug 2 2006 17:41

You were [apparently] banend for shit-stirring not challenging views.

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Aug 14 2006 14:09

Bless, i've been regenerated like somekind of guinea pig in huntingdon.
I wonder exactly why anyone would want to humour me? Sure, my veiws are out there, but that's not say that they're in the garbage at all. Still, maybe they are then? Well anyway, thanks for giving me CPR libcommies, i won't abuse my new lease of life.