Recession in the UK?

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May 23 2008 08:50
Recession in the UK?

What will a recession mean in terms of class antagonism in the UK?

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May 26 2008 16:12

Hard to know. Rich-poor gap has widened considerably thoughout the last few years but the revolution doesn't seem that much closer! We will have to work hard to argue for solidarity with workers in India and China whose rulers' economies are drinking 'our' oil (or eating our rice). Then there's those inconsiderate rebels in Nigeria and Iraq that are causing so many problems to oil companies who just want to keep the wheels of global capitalism running. Oh and the Russians too with their stranglehold over gas. No doubt we will also hear again that there are just too many foreigners in Britain who are a drain on our precious public resources. And those bloody southerners who are coming up north and putting the house prices up. Between these and other arguments I expect the ruling class will find plenty of ways to continue dividing and ruling.

But hopefully anarchists can help cut through the crap. smile