Resistance 98 - November 2007 available online

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Nov 19 2007 18:22
Resistance 98 - November 2007 available online

As usual, you can read online or download PDF:

Contents of the November 2007 issue of Resistance:

HATE TO SAY WE TOLD YOU SO - What a fine mess parliament voted themselves into, when they invaded Iraq.

TEMPORARY EMPLOYMENT, PERMANENT DISCRIMINATION - 12,000 employment agencies in Britain keep 1.5 million workers in casual jobs.

OCCUPATION STRUGGLES IN READING - Common ground garden evicted but squatters continue to resist in nearby buildings.

SURVEILLANCE STATE - UK Borders Act means ID card for 'foreigners' and paves the way for national identity card.

ON THE FRONT LINE - Manchester nurses strike in solidarity, Royal Mail workers wildcat in Belfast, Carlisle & Crick.

ANTI-FASCISM - BNP Notts meeting is blockaded, Barnsley stall is upset, and Nick Griffin gets hounded in USA.

ANARCHIST FEDERATION NEWS - reports from Class Wars 'Bash the Rich' event and 'Defend NHS' demo on same day.

SHORT FUSE - detention centre sabotage, cow attacks cop, nudist attacks cop, royal blackmail.

PRISONER SUPPORT - Irish 'Rossport Solidarity' activist jailed in Cork, and a Belarus anti-fascist wait for parole.

SUBVERT! - diary dates for November and December.

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Nov 19 2007 18:47

cheers for the props to the S2S activist