Resistance bulletin 101 - eight pages for your pleasure

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Mar 1 2008 18:59
Resistance bulletin 101 - eight pages for your pleasure

Anarchist Federation bulletin - Resistance 101 - March 2008

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Contents of the March 2008 issue:

ONLY RIGHTS CAN STOP THE WRONGS - sex workers struggle against new criminalisation

100% NEED NOT APPLY - Sheffield activists blockcade armed forces recruitment centre.

SOD THAT FOR A GAME O' SOLDIERS - one in eleven British troops have quit or gone AWOL.

GOOD NEWS FROM BELARUS - two antifascists freed on parole.

WIKILEAKS CENSORED - US court muzzles 'transparency' website

BOG OF BRANSON - the man who has everything wants to run privatised healthcare in Britain.

ANONYMOUS IS LEGION - more about Church of Scientology's expose on YouTube.

BILLION DOLLAR BOMBER BANGER - US airforce totals it's own Stealth Bomber on Guam island.

PENSIONS RIP-OFF - appeals against lost company pensions.

DEAR TALIBAN, - why haven't you managed to knock off Prince Harry yet?

NATIONAL ROCK - Northeast-based Northern Rock bank gets nationalised.

QUIT BUGGIN' ME - state snooping is out of control, especially if you are not an MP.

ON THE FRONTLINE - Leics postal workers walk out over sacking, Brum council workers out over pay cuts, London museum staff vote to strike.

COPS SPOOKED BY FUZZY FRIEND - Metropolitan Police website hacked and defiled

ANARCHISM IS FOR LIFE; NOT JUST FOR GIGS - successful solidarity fundraiser held in Sheffield.

HARMONDWORTH FOUR ACQUITTED - asylum seekers vindicated in 2006 detention centre uprising.

VICTORY FOR STRIKING MINERS IN CANANEA - Mexican bordertown strike is ruled to be legal after severe police repression.

INSTANT MUSCLE GETS WASTED - notorious 'workfare' and unemployment training provider puts all its staff on the dole.

BASTARD OF THE MONTH - Caroline Flint MP, who wants to kick long-term unemployed out of council housing.

SUBVERT - diary dates for March and April.

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