Resistance bulletin 102 online April 2008

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Resistance bulletin 102 online April 2008

Anarchist Federation bulletin - Resistance 102 - April/May 2008
Read online or download now in PDF format from

Contents of the April/May 2008 issue:

SAFE IN THEIR HANDS - hundreds of deaths in police and local authority custody reveal extent of UK's state brutality.

TEACHERS STRIKE - but only the NUT, as IWW calls for wider action.

CRUNCH, WHAT CRUNCH? - credit is harder to get, but a big city bonus might help you ride the storm.

A BAD TIME TO BE A FASCIST - BNP stalls and venues attacked in Glasgow and Leeds, BNP copper caught with weapons hoard.

ON THE PICKET LINE, RAIN OR SHINE - members of AF support picket against Shelter bosses' attack on staff pay & conditions.

THROW A SICKIE TOMORROW - or desert from the armed forces, or both.

NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT - free TVs for MPs on expenses.

SUPPORT OUR PRESS FUND! - send us money to bring the next issue of Resistance closer, or the revolution, or both.

NASTY SCOTTISH TAX COLLECTORS STILL CHASING - unpaid Poll Tax arrears wanted by councils after 20 years, even if they lost your records.

SUBVERT! - diary dates for April, May and June.