Resistance bulletin no.90 - festive issue online + PDF

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Resistance bulletin no.90 - festive issue online + PDF

LATEST ISSUE: Resistance issue 90 Dec 2006/Jan 2007

Home by Christmas - war, lies and conspiracies, Bastard of the year award, Police mobile fingerprinting, Green Greed, BNP conference, Defy-ID report, Christmas cheer/Christian hate, plus the usual activist's events diary.

Full contents:
*HOME BY CHRISTMAS and other stories - government lies and conspiracy theories.
*BASTARD OF THE YEAR - it's John Reid of course!
*POLICE FINGERPRINTING TECHNOLOGY GOES MOBILE - "Will that be one finger, officer, or two?"
*HOW TO BE GREEN AND GREEDY - government tries to convince companies that being green is profitable.
*"MASTER RACE? YOU'RE HAVING A LAUGH" - BNP Blackpool Conference, eyewitness report.
*ANTI-ID NATIONAL GATHERING REPORT - feedback from the Nottingham Defy-ID gathering.
*CHRISTMAS CHEER - Christian hate.
*SUBVERT - events in December and January.