Resistance bulletin no93 online now

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Apr 6 2007 10:51
Resistance bulletin no93 online now

AF's Resistance bulletin - no.93 - April 2007. PDF available to download

Out now... from

The latest Resistance bulletin - no.93 - April 2007 - articles include:
SOMETHING ROTTEN IN THE STATE OF DENMARK social centre eviction, Copwatch, Fast food KFC workers, Wildcat actions, Identity and border control, War taxes, Czech & Russian anti-fascist prisoners, International anti-war action.

Also, ORGANISE! Magazine no.68 is coming out on Mayday!

Until then, read FREE DOWNLOAD of Organise! magazine 20th anniversary issue, including articles about Hungary '56, The 1926 General Strike in Britain, economic growth & 'decroissance', surveillance & repression, Belarus anarchists interview, situation in Swaziland, 20th year retrospectives & open letter, plus the usual culture feature, reviews, obituary & revolutionary portrait. PDF and HTML content:

Full contents of Resistance no.93:

SOMETHING ROTTEN IN THE STATE OF DENMARK - eviction and destruction of Ungdomshuset social centre by the authorities.

COPWATCH - telling us what the police really get up to.

FAST FOOD WORKERS GET FAST RESULTS - by KFC employees in Paris and New Zealand.

DON'T LET A LOTTA LITTER LOITER - more identity checks in the street.

THE WILDCAT ARCHES HER BACK - many examples of unofficial industrial action.

TAXING OUR PATIENCE - billions from our wages is used by the state to buy arms & make war.

IDENTITY CARDS AND BORDERS - party politics shows how border control and ID schemes are part of the same thing.

PRISONERS NEEDING SUPPORT - send a letter and other stuff to Czech and Russian anti-fascists in jail.

AF NEWS - what we did for the International of Anarchist Federations day of action against war.