Resistance festival bulletin - Summer Special 2006 out now

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Aug 23 2006 11:53
Resistance festival bulletin - Summer Special 2006 out now

A new Resistance 'festival' bulletin AKA Summer Special 2006 is online
at or

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Sep 7 2006 19:22

I find the content of what goes in Resistance fairly poor. The summer special is really scrapping the barrel. Its just poorly written, badly designed, and does not get anarchist ideas across very well. AF should have a rethink on what its doing/not doing.


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Sep 8 2006 13:48

Which articles did you like (if any)/not like in past issues? wall

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Sep 17 2006 17:21

Due to lack of detailed feedback about what we are supposedly doing wrong with Resistance we'll just keep on keeping 'em coming smile
Read/download the latest at

Sept 2006, issue 87 + an issue of Northern Resistance (a Labour Party conference/anti-war special).

Contents of Res 87:

* GET 'EM WHILE THEY'RE YOUNG - Fingerprinting children is on the rise.
* LABOUR'S NANNY STATE - Government plans to screen for bad behaviour before birth!
* ON THE FRONTLINE - our regular workplace column looks at current industrial action in NHS, Fire service, Post Office & Driving schools.
* CORPORATE CARVE-UP - Western companies make millions out of Iraqi misery.
* SONIC WARFARE AGAINST YOUTH - The 'mosquito' device, designed to drive you out of shopping centres if you have young ears.
* ANARCHISM MEANS CHAOS, RIGHT? - Actually it's the opposite.
* SHOT AT DAWN - ARMY DESERTION ON THE RISE - soldiers refuse to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan.
* DON'T DRINK AT STARBUCKS - why not try your local anarchist social centre instead.
* INSIDE INFORMATION - Resistance highlights a prisoner who needs support in Poznan, Poland.
* SUBVERT - UK diary dates for this month.

Contents of Special issue:
* THE MIDDLE EAST – an anarchist response to war
* DRAX, LIES AND VIDEOTAPE – report from the climate camp
* ASYLUM-SEEKER VOICES MUST BE HEARD – organising against increased harassment
* STEALING OUR FREEDOM AND IDENTITY – Conservative & Labour both support ID schemes
* NORTHERN RESISTANCE: ROUND-UP – Democracy? (what Democracy)

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Sep 19 2006 08:52

hey, you know you guys are very much encouraged to post individual stories from resistance, organise etc. here right? please feel free, and ask in our feedback forum if you have any problems.