Slum Landlord's Database designed to make you homeless

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Nov 25 2011 18:10
Slum Landlord's Database designed to make you homeless

Professional shitbag Paul Routledge is at it again. He's created a new website designed to make people homeless. He's gloating on Twitter (@Paul_Rout) about his old website being covered by Resistance back in 2000 and posted this thread on his own forum: landlordreferencing[dot co dot uk so they don't see this link]/discuss/what-the-papers-say/landlordreferencing-in-the-beginning/

It looks like anyone could sign up, why don't we all pose as landlords, sign up and flood the blacklist with false data so they can't tell who the real Tenants are and who we've added?

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Nov 25 2011 18:33

break the link1!!!!!
ie. don't hotlink in your first post or he will be able to see the redirects libcom has been making to his site.

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Nov 25 2011 19:46

landlord referencing dot co dot uk NXDOMAIN!

has he been hacked?

Caiman del Barrio
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Nov 27 2011 13:53

Sorry but could I request some context here? There's been discussion recently in SLSF about how to use the internet as an information tool for tenants against slumlords so this is of interest to us...

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jef costello
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Nov 27 2011 19:21

I had a quick look at this. He reckons as they on;y keep names that this is allowable under the data protection act. I'm not so sure as unless they kept other data they wouldn't be able to work out who it was. The database only works if it holds data that can personally identify you and I'm pretty sure that's not allowed. Although it says they only use it to put landlords in contact with each other and don't hold the references and that's why it is legit I am not sure. As it stands he says they pass on the references, in which case they do have the data and they are probably breaking the law.

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Nov 27 2011 23:42

If you register on there it lists the names of people under "Tenant Alerts". Again, nothing stopping us registering and corrupting their database with fake info or one of the more technically minded people hacking the site.