Two new AFED blog articles for September 2008 Roma solidarity and KRAS interview

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Sep 13 2008 16:28
Two new AFED blog articles for September 2008 Roma solidarity and KRAS interview

Both articles available at

Stop government attacks on Roma people in Italy and UK
Saturday, 13 September 2008

AF blog wrote:
Roma people in Italy are currently facing the worst persecution since the Fascist era of the 1930s and 40s. The AF has called a demonstration with No Borders in solidarity, in Manchester on September 19th. Find out more at

The state is encouraging Italians to view Roma as illegal immigrants, as part of a generalised right-wing response to migration into Italy from other EU countries. Anarchists and No Borders activists believe anyone should be able to settle wherever they want, but nonetheless this is deliberate misinformation by the Italian government. Roma are not are not recent arrivals. Many have been settled in Italy for 40 years and are Italian citizens. Those who have recently arrived have done so as part of the wider process of perfectly legal and natural economic migration within the EU. Some wish to travel, others wish to settle. They should have the same legal protection as other EU citizens.

Read on for more about attacks on Roma people in Italy and two statements from the traveller community at Dale Farm in Essex about their fight with Basildon council to live on land they actually own.

An anarchist-communist perspective on present day Russia - interview with KRAS-IWA
Saturday, 13 September 2008

The following is an analysis of contemporary Russian society and politics by the Confederation of Revolutionary Anarcho-Syndicalists (KRAS). They are the Russian section of the Anarcho-Syndicalist International of Workers’ Associations (IWA). Although the AF is not an anarcho-syndicalist organisation, we have an informal, critical relationship with them as well as with the ex-USSR anarchist federation Autonomous Action.

The following interview was done with KRAS in the Spring by French anarchists. It certainly helps us to understand the aggressive stance that the Russian state is taking towards in the current period, predicting some of what has taken place recently, including the state pandering to neo-imperialist tendencies through its activity in the northern Caucasus. Similarly we gain a very important insight into the political and economic situation in Russia and realise that like ours it is a state in crisis. This has positive but also frightening implications for working class communities.
Read on for the interview with KRAS (translated from Russian). Spring 2008.

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Sep 13 2008 19:26
KRAS wrote:
17) What is your ideological position and theory of Anarchism: FORA-ism, anarcho-syndicalism, or revolutionary syndicalism?

We are supporters of the ideas of FORA-Argentina (forism). But we do not limit ourselves only to this idea. We are interested in other radical ideas within anarcho-communism. Their ideas and practice are interesting to us also. For example, the Friends of Durutti in Spain, and some currents of Russian anarchism at the beginning of the Twentieth Century. Several members of our organization are interested in the theory and practice of maximalism. This is a Russian left-wing radical populism. It's a little-known movement in the East, close to the idea of anarchism. We consider that a member of the organization can be one who shares the core principles of libertarian communism; its purpose, self-organized direct action as means of achieving the purpose, and internationalism. We are not a party: we don’t demand that all members of the organization call themslves anarchist. At the same time, we never shall suffer in our ranks members or supporters of political parties, trade unionists* and nationalists. We see our purpose as the creation in Russia of a wide network of anarchist socially-revolutionary proletarian resistance. Only when society will be bound together by a network of socially-revolutionary organizations, can we set the rest of the population a successful example of direct action to initiate anarchist revolution. * There are no real independent trade unions in Russia



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Sep 24 2008 19:31

You remember magidd on here...

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Sep 25 2008 13:20

I think what they meant was traditional trade unionists, who tend to work rather professionally in Russia in unions that are not independent of anything. As a rule of thumb, if a union claims to be "independent" in it's name, there's a good chance it was sponsored by the AFL-CIA.

Our experience with anarchists who wanted to become professional unionists is very bad. Usually involving stealing from unions (even from foreign ones like SAC), corruption and cooperating with the government or entering the government.

I don't know if it's a secret (I guess not), but there were two factions in KRAS, one more anti-union, one less so. Some people are no longer cooperating with each other. I don't if this will change the organization's character or not since things are still playing out and it's too early to tell.