‘Violence and Sex Work in Britain’ [Housmans 17.01.09]

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‘Violence and Sex Work in Britain’ [Housmans 17.01.09]


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‘Violence and Sex Work in Britain’
with Hilary Kinnell
Saturday 17th January - 5pm


Hilary Kinnell of the UK Network of Sex Work Projects (UKNSWP) debates the role of legislation in perpetuating violence against sex workers in Britain.


Hilary Kinnell, national co-ordinator for the United Kingdom Network of Sex Work Projects (UKNSWP), has published a controversial new book concerned with violence in the sex industry. It aims to provide an understanding of the nature of violence against sex workers and the relationship between violence, government legislation and policy, and law enforcement practices - an essential task in view particularly of the recent Ipswich murders and the public and media response to this which illustrated how poorly the context of violence in the sex industry is understood.

The book describes the incidence of violence against sex workers, culminating in some cases in murder. It shows how the risk of violence is strongly dependent on the physical and legal context in which sex workers operate; how repressive policing tactics exacerbate vulnerability and how discourses of abhorrence towards sex work promote perceptions of sex workers as worthless human beings.

It also examines how inadequacies in the criminal justice system lead to failures in investigations and prosecutions, and failures to prevent violence from known offenders; and how the stereotyping of sex workers, their clients and perpetrators of violence, in the media and in other spheres of academic debate, distorts reality leading to inappropriate or harmful public responses.

This evening Hilary will be discussing the politics of the sex industry with a representative of IUSW (International Union of Sex Workers). Hilary has recently authored the well received book ‘Violence and Sex Work in Britain’ (Willan Publishing – 2008)


‘Why feminists should rethink on sex workers’ rights’ by Hilary Kinnell

UK Network of Sex Work Projects

‘The forgotten murders’ – Hilary Kinnell article in The Guardian


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