‘What is Anarchism?’ hosted by Queen Mary Autonomous Group

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Mar 25 2010 13:44
‘What is Anarchism?’ hosted by Queen Mary Autonomous Group

‘What is Anarchism?’
Hosted by the Autonomous Group.

Tuesday 30th March 5pm-7pm Francis Bancroft 1.13.

"Anarchy: It is NOT bombs, disorder or chaos. It is NOT robbery and murder. It is NOT a war of each against all. It is NOT a return to barbarism or to the wild state of man. Anarchism is the very opposite of all that" – Alexander Berkman.

Come and learn about the revolutionary ideas of Anarchism. A brief introduction will be followed by a discussion on the practical situations and applications that exist today from recent contemporary politics, and highlighting the Anarchist response. There will be clips from documentaries, free copies anarchist literature, and free handouts giving a brief introduction to the most misunderstood movement in the world.

Come along to air your opinions, questions, condemnations and praises of Anarchy.

Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?v=wall&id=542721356#!/event.php?eid=403136605882&ref=ts

Until then, use the online Anarchist FAQ to browse the subject: http://anarchism.ws/faq/

Queen Mary location: http://www.qmul.ac.uk/about/campus/mileend/

Campus Map (Francis Bancroft is no 13 on the key): http://www.qmul.ac.uk/about/campus/docs/milendmap.pdf

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Mar 25 2010 23:19

please let us know how this goes

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Mar 26 2010 09:00

will do. Also once the notes have been collected from last weeks anti-cuts meeting we will put an update in the organise section (coming up to the end of our semester we are all pretty snowed in at the moment)

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Apr 4 2010 21:06

So my analysis of how it went:

Apart from 3 QMAG members, 7 people attended (one was just a friend of one of the people that came along and had no interest in the talk so 6 technically). Only one of these people was from the facebook list of people attending, so although those others didnt turn up, i was happy that people we had no idea about turned up. This low turn out was to be expected at this time of year - two days before the end of term, with last minutes essays, people going back home etc. There were few times worse that we could have chosen.

One of our members did a brief 5-10min into to anarchism, and then we went on to sceneries, the point of which was stimulate discussion and highlight the anarchist response. The scenarios were basically:
1) Youre an Iraqi national in the situation that iraq is in now. What do you do?
2) Youre a worker at the Lindsey (sorry if its not spelt like this) oil refinery during the strike, with some workers doing "british jobs for british workers" and the union is trying to get you back to work etc. What do u do?
3) The BNP are gaining strength in your area. What do u do?

The discussions on these aws ok, and the aim of them was good, but i think we analyised the situations too much, and although we highlighted responses we as anarchists agree with, i dont think we tied this enough to why we agree with certain techniques, the roots of it so to speak. Also these discussions took up too much of our time, and at the end i realised we hadnt actually discussed ANARCHISM enough, and immediately some guy was like "yeah, i wana know how you envision this and this etc", so two of our group responded briefly and well, but it stopped there, and there was a lot more ground to be covered really. On the plus side, everyone got a Freedom, and some took copies of solfeds brief intro to May Day, brighton SF's what is Anarcho-Syndaclism, an short intro to Anarchism (this small foldable version), Stuff Your Boss, an intro leaflet to our group, the ASN, LEWG, and i think either one or two copies of the Anarcha-fem magazine (is it called RAG?) got sold. We had planned also on having free copies of Afeds Against Nationalism and something anti-fascist to complement the scenarios, but we ran out of time to get this done.

To improve the structure, i think following the brief intro at the beginning some talking points on certain specifics on anarchism should have then been thrown out for discussion, and once weve exhausted them, then we move on to the scenarios and apply what weve just been discussing to them. Anyway we live and learn - through discussing on libcom! cool

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Apr 4 2010 21:10

o yeah and we showed this clip at the end . If this didnt turn them into anarchists then nothing will


I also meant to show a clip from Viva Utopia where there is a brief description of libertarian communism, but i lost my notes that noted where in the documentary it is, and couldnt find it.

Someone should definately make a short clip that is a brief intro to anarchist-communsim and put it up on youtube. Or is there already one? It could be something that Afed could do, a version of their pamphlet they just realised.

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Apr 5 2010 09:52

I will come back on this shortly, but as always teaching anarchism as a theory or talk I have huge problems with. Possibly we can start a new thread.

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karl wrote:
Until then, use the online Anarchist FAQ to browse the subject: http://anarchism.ws/faq/

That link is very out of date (version 12.2!). The latest version is 14.0 and can be found here:


Volume1 (sections A to F) is out now. Volume 2 will be out next year.