‘Whose Music? Community vs. Copyright’ with Mat Callahan (11.04.12)

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‘Whose Music? Community vs. Copyright’ with Mat Callahan (11.04.12)

‘Whose Music? Community vs. Copyright’
with Mat Callahan
Wednesday 11th April, 7pm
Entry £3, redeemable against any purchase

Music is a collective activity which activates collectivities. The sounds produced are only one result, the others being the communities formed to make and enjoy music and the skills acquired in the process. Sharing is necessary to all three. Owning music is impossible. Yet owning music is the legal basis for the criminalization of file sharing.

Musician and author Mat Callahan is calling for the abolition of copyright. Callahan will discuss its replacement by new means designed to unite music makers and music lovers in a common struggle against the music industry in particular, and intellectual property regimes in general.

"Yes—let's break the grip of Stars and Hits. Music could change the world. Read this book." —Pete Seeger

"Making music is a process as old as the human species, which means that if the music's in trouble because humanity as a whole is in trouble. The Trouble with Music speaks to those troubles and it maps a way out. It's invaluable." —Dave Marsh, Rock and Rap Confidential

Hosted by Stir to Action
Click here for Mat's piece in Stir to Action: http://stirtoaction.com/?p=550

About the author

Mat Callahan is a musician and author from San Francisco, now residing in Bern, Switzerland. He composed and performed music with seminal world-beat band, The Looters, whose success led to the founding of the artists' collective Komotion International. For eleven years Komotion was a center of radical art making and revolutionary politics in San Francisco.

Callahan continues to compose and perform today, including a recently completed tour of Swiss Prisons and the revival of James Connolly's ‘Songs of Freedom’. He is the author of three books, 'Sex, Death and the Angry Young Man', 'Testimony', and 'The Trouble With Music'.


Book information

‘The Trouble with Music’ by Mat Callahan
450 pages
AK Press (7 Jan 2005)
ISBN-13: 978-1904859147

Event information

Housmans Bookshop
5 Caledonian Road
King's Cross
London N1 9DX
Tel: 020 7837 4473

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Don't know how he characterizes his current politics, but he was a Maoist when he started making noise in the music scene. Either a member or fellow traveler of the RCP, USA.