325 magazine - Issue#3 Out Now! Anti-Prisons, Anarchism etc

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Jun 19 2006 19:47
325 magazine - Issue#3 Out Now! Anti-Prisons, Anarchism etc

The insurgent anti-prison zine is back with another 60 pages of anarchy, prison revolt and social war! Hitting the streets later than expected, the latest zine features articles from a year of anarchist, anti-capitalist activity. Amongst the texts are: "Interview with Jean-Marc Rouillian", French prisoner serving time for actions with the militant group, 'Action Directe'; "Breaking out of the Ghetto: Lessons from the CPE struggle", a report about the French labour struggle from an insurrectionary participant; "Short notes from an Anti-Prisons Gathering (Barcelona 05)", reporting anti-prison co-ordination and analysis; "Kamikaze Dreams: Black Bloc in Sterling 2005"; "Interview with Laudelino Iglesias Martinez: 25 years of prison and his life in F.I.E.S.", about the struggle against the Spanish isolation units; "Czechtek 2005" about the police attack on the European soundsystem event last year; "Squatting in Brighton" about rent strike on the South Coast; "Free Casey Hardison: Prisoner of the War on Drugs", about the LSD chemist caught manufacturing in Brighton!

£1 per copy, plus postage.

For single & bulk orders, enquiries etc:

325(at) hush.ai


c/o ABC

PO Box 74




Also available from Re-Pressed Distro, UK, and from Quiver Distro and Tarantula Distro in the USA.

www.re-pressed.org.uk (Re-pressed) Leeds, UK

www.anti-politics.net/distro (Quiver) Santa cruz

www.socialwar.net (Tarantula) Portland


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