Anarchism & Sexuality: ethics, relationships and power

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May 13 2006 10:37
Anarchism & Sexuality: ethics, relationships and power

Shit - i'm really sorry everyone - i just deleted this thread by mistake. There was some spam on the end of it and in my rush to get rid of it I hit the wrong button embarrassed embarrassed

Here are the last few posts:

Serge Forward wrote:
Jef Costello wrote:

...but this looks like academic ball licking

That's the bit I was interested in... er... maybe without the academic bit.

rebel lion wrote:
This looks pretty fucking cool. Especially since i'm considering doing an MA at Leeds university...

When will costs etc be finalised?

futuretech68 wrote:
Well as interesting as this seems we seem to be entering a post - modern Anarchist dominated thing here, is there a danger some of us could get sucked into post - modern ideas ...
puck wrote:
This conference looks like shite on a stick, or is that too patriarchal for you?

I want to be an academic even thoguh nurses get paid more and are retards, but this looks like academic ball licking,. Why waste time?

Ah, how kind of you to demonstrate your solidarity and commitment to mutual aid.