Anarchist Film Showing - De Toda la Vida, Glasgow 09 August

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Anarchist Film Showing - De Toda la Vida, Glasgow 09 August

Anarchist Film Showing 09 August 7:15 for 7:30 start Upstairs at Dows Bar, Dundas Street
De Toda la Vida (All Our Lives)

The Spanish Revolution, kick started by the Spanish Civil War, was perhaps the most audacious social experiment the planet has ever seen. In the midst of the chaos of the civil war men and women threw off the shackles of capitalism and class society and organised themselves without hierarchy and outside the state. All across the republican part of the country, divided in two by the military coup, the working class expropriated the means of production and strived toward libertarian methods of collectivisation and to realise communism under the harshest of conditions.

Out of this social revolution came the Mujeres Libres, the Free Women. Angered by the sexism of their male comrades and by their marginalisation within a revolution that was supposed to offer liberty to all women organised themselves. Formed in 1936 with a membership of over 30,000 Mujeres Libres fought for both female emancipation and social revolution, arguing that the two had to be realised side by side.
As well as fighting and dying at the front alongside men they set up schools, shut down brothels and engaged in popular education in both urban and rural communities.

This film, De Toda La Vida, features a series of interviews with surviving members of the Mujeres Libres and is a vital piece of oral history from this era defining situation.

The film will be introduced briefly by a member of the Anarchist Federation and followed by discussion and beer.