"Another look at Marxism" (Glasgow)

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Jul 16 2011 17:59
"Another look at Marxism" (Glasgow)

“The recent economic crisis has led to a renewal in interest in the ideas of Karl Marx. His 'Das Kapital' has recently had an upsurge in sales in Germany. There has been an increase in press coverage and a new book entitled 'Why Marx Was Right' by T.Eagleton. We take another look at the Marxian ideas of The Materialist Conception of History and The Labour Theory of Value.”

Speaker: Dick Donnelly

Wednesday, July 20, 2011, 8:30 pm

Maryhill Community Central Halls, 304 Maryhill Road, Glasgow G20 7YE

All welcome. Free entry. Lively discussion anticipated.

Full details of this and all SPGB meetings can be found here: