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Aug 6 2008 19:28
Ask for some help in translation


I'm member of ICAHK, International Campaign Against Honour Killings, and we'll like to create stickers (with PDF so that everyone can dowload and print them) in different languages.

There are five differents models :

Stop gender apartheid ! Our honour : Fighting for women's freedom"
in english, french, russian and german

Our honour : fighting for women's freedom
in english, french, german, russian, arabic, italian, spanish, portuguese

Women rights are human rights... Crimes against women are crimes against humanity
in english, french, german, italian and spanish

My right to be, to choose, to live !
in french, english, german and arabic

Stop honour killings !
in french, english and german

You can see them there at this adress (our forum).

It seams that on this forum there are comrades from many countries, so, if you can, i would need for some help :
- First to have a look, especially for russian, spanish, portugues and italian, to see if it the texte is ok or if there are some errors i need to correct.
- If you can, of course, i'll be happy if you can translate some of them in other languages (but please, in this case, write exactlly every sentence you translate that i can copy and paste).

You can give me answer there, on ICAHK forum or to write at icahk.francophone (at)

Thank and have a nice evening

PS : If you prefer i can post the different pictures of stickers projet there, but i don't want to take too much place on your forum, so tell me if you want me to do it or if you prefer the link.

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Aug 20 2008 21:04


The stickers who are ready are on this page :

For all of them, you have PDF files (for a A4 page) which you can download to print out four stickers per page (105 x 148,5 mm / 4,13 x 5,85 p each sticker), and that you can print to have stickers for ICAHK and against 'honour' killings and other forms of violence and oppression against women.

But any kind of help for having stickers in other languages will be very great