Available Soon: “Confrontations” by Kristian Williams

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Available Soon: “Confrontations” by Kristian Williams

Available Early December 2007:

CONFRONTATIONS: Selected Journalism

By Kristian Williams
Foreword by Ward Churchill

“The theme of the articles collected here is the complex relationship between ideas and what could broadly be called force—not merely violence, but the whole spectrum of tactics that one side in a conflict uses to disrupt the other. That includes sabotage, vandalism, blockades, boycotts, and strikes—but also infiltration, intimidation, arrests, and imprisonment.
“No one has a monopoly on direct action.… Winning in politics means something more than having the best argument, the most votes, or the biggest gun.”

—Kristian Williams, from his Introduction.

“Confrontations” collects together for the first time Kristian Williams’ essays examining political control in the United States. Williams, through his journalism, uncovers the deep connections between liberal ideals of democracy, and repression on the streets of America. The population is not simply kept in line by violence, or conned by politicians, Williams argues, but subject to overlapping methods of ideological manipulation and physical restraint. The writings in this collection—many of which previously appeared in publications such as Clamor, Dissent, CounterPunch and the Earth First! Journal—expose the connections between liberal discourse, insurgency and counterinsurgency, and government crackdowns on dissent. This collection features a new introduction by Williams, setting forth the lessons of earlier “anti-globalization” and anti-war movements, which must now be grappled with by any sustained efforts for social change. Each of the collection’s three sections—“Disreputable Action”, “The Criminalization of Anarchism”, and “Crowd Control”—also feature new commentary by the author.

Kristian Williams is the author of Our Enemies in Blue: Police and Power in America (2004, reprinted 2007) and American Methods: Torture and the Logic of Domination (2006), which has been short-listed this year for the Oregon Book Award. Williams is a member of Rose City Copwatch in Portland, Oregon, and is currently working on a book about Oscar Wilde and anarchism. Information on Williams’ previous two books is available at the South End Press website:

Ward Churchill, who contributed the foreword for this collection, is the author, co-author or editor of over twenty books on indigenous issues, history, media criticism and politics. He is a member of the autonomous American Indian Movement chapter of Denver, Colorado. In July 2007, Churchill was dismissed from his teaching position at the University of Colorado under flimsy pretexts, as the result of a far-Right campaign against dissenting voices on campus. For more information, see:

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