Benefit for Daniel McGowan - The Square, 19th May

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May 11 2006 09:56
Benefit for Daniel McGowan - The Square, 19th May

Last Hours issue 13 launch and benefit for Daniel McGowan (

The Steal

- Positive hardcore (think Kid Dynamite, Minor Threat, Good Clean Fun etc.)

You Me and the Atom Bomb

- Three chord punk from Portsmouth

Attack! Vipers!

- Messed up hardcore from the SoutHCoast


- Three country boys playing melodic hardcore

Tim Holehouse

- Solo acoustic project from Tim Among The Missing

Plus: PickAxe (88 mins)

- CriethInc. film about defence of Old Growth trees in North-West USA.

Vegan food, distros etc.

And from 11pm:

DJ Tabs - A true mix up of hip-soul-latin-afro-funk

Chapitas: The Boss is on Fire - Collective of muscians and visual artists

DJ Deech - Progressive trance

@ The Square Social Centre - 21 Russell Square, London.

Nearest tube Russell Square (2mins), Euston (5mins), Kings X (10mins). Buses 59, 68, 91, 168

Film & food: 7-8.30pm

Bands: 8.30-11.00pm

DJs: 11.00pm-1.30am

19th May! star green black