Bristle #22 - International solidarity special

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Jul 6 2006 17:18
Bristle #22 - International solidarity special

Bristle collective (Bristol) press blurb - dated 31/7/06:

Bristol is NOT a part of England!

A warm greeting from your brothers and sisters at Bristle magazine.

With ‘the lads on tour’ at the moment in more ways than one, Bristle thought it was a good time to show that dealings with other societies doesn’t have to be done down the barrel of a gun, or with an inflatable bomber in your hand.

The issue 22 special is all about International Solidarity, and gives space to local groups to tell you in their own words WHAT they do, and WHY they do it. Colombia Solidarity Campaign, Kiptik, Bristol Links with Nicaragua, Easton Cowgirls and Cowboys, Euskalinfo, International Prisoner Solidarity, Bristol Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Bristol Amnesty. Find out why these good people give precious time and effort to make a positive difference, and find out how you can make a difference too!

The international theme continues with an in-depth examination of Christiana, an autonomous region of Denmark where anarchist principles of self-help and true-community are made flesh, which has allowed tens of thousands to live free for over 20 years.

Talking of the ‘A’ word, there’s also a revealing interview with Stuart Christie, veteran of anti-fascist direct action in Spain and elsewhere. Put it this way, he’s still not pulling any punches!

More important than ever to Bristle, however, is the backyard: this tragic, inspiring, frustrating, energising city we call home, along with the other ‘pockets of resistance’ around the South West. Planes, trains and buses, Royce Rolls and government roll-overs, slavery abolition bicentenary and divisions within the Black community, Kebele’s new plans, boycotts and strikes, a woman’s right, Lovelock’s shite, it’s all here along with much more!

Add to that all the usual news and reviews, and you’ve got the best way to spend £1.20 (apart from a dozen free range for the next time Blair’s in town!)


If you like Bristle, come and get involved! We always need fresh & eager, committed long-term, volunteers for our collective. If you can write, read, edit, take photos, draw, sell, or even do DTP, we wanna hear from you. Professional experience not needed, as you may have gathered. We meet bi-weekly on Sundays at 5.30pm. Contact us at for details or check the Bristol Indymedia calendar.

Don’t waste paper, buy the mag! If you can read this you can go to the ‘Get’ page at and find your nearest outlet in Bristol, Bath & the south west. Alternatively send us a cheque for £1.50 and we’ll post you one.

Bristle Collective, c/o 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol, BS5 6JY