Catalyst #14 (Spring 2006) and new Direct Action out now!

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May 3 2006 13:43
Catalyst #14 (Spring 2006) and new Direct Action out now!


Catalyst #14, Solidarity federations freesheet about industrial struggles is out now.

For online version please see:

Please download it as a PDF and distribute it either via email or print it out:

Brand new Direct Action came out last week as well. Main articles are: Plods, Camera...Direct Action; Education, the State and the Working Class; Collectives in the Spanish Revolution; Anarchism in Southern Africa; Blair-ed Vision of the Free Market.

Direct Action Magazine

PO Box 29, SW PDO, Manchester M15 5HW/ Tel; 07984675281


ISSN 0261-8753

Direct Action is the magazine published by Solidarity Federation, and is edited, typeset and printed by the Direct Action Collective. Basic Subscription £5; Supporters Annual Subscription £12 and £15 (outside Britain). Cheques to Direct Action.

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