"COMMUNIST LEFT" - Review of the International Communist Party

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"COMMUNIST LEFT" - Review of the International Communist Party

– October 2012: Now Further Attacks on Pensions Proposed in the UK: New Attacks proposed against Pensioners.
– In South Africa the Miners Fight On, in the Face of the Bourgeoisie’s Bullets.
– The Spanish miners show the European proletariat the right path: indefinite strikes.
– The Crisis in Greece and False Parliamentary Alternatives.
– The Crisis in Europe, Bourgeois Quacks and We Communists.
– Businesses, Banks and States dragged into the vortex of Capital’s Crisis of Overproduction: the Greek case: The Years of Euphoria - Harsh awakening - The Origin of the Crisis - Who Actually Pays Taxes? - The Liabilities of the Banks.
– The Labor Movement in the United States of America(Part 3 - RG97) Translated from a presentation at the January 2007 party meeting in Sarzana (Continued from the previous issue): From Independence to Secession - Early Industrial Development - Workers’ Associations - The Situation of the Working Class.
– Report of the Public Meeting held in Liverpool on June 23rd 2012: Presentations - Chairperson’s address - The Historical Need for Communism.
– In Italy: Outside and Against the Existing Trade Unions.
– Reunion Reports - A condensation of the reports made at general meetings:
- The Party’s General Meeting in Cortona – 29/30 May 2010.
- A Busy Working Meeting: Parma – 18/19 September 2010.
- A Determined Party Meeting: Florence – 22/23 January 2011.
- The Excellent Results that come of Impersonal Communist Work, Genoa 21/23 May 2011.

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