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Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group Statement Regarding...

Apologies for crap formatting, this was emailed to us and I cant be bothered to correct it:


Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group Statement Regarding Violence in Mexico

18TH JUNE 2006

Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group denounces the

escalation of oppression that the Mexican government

is inflicting on its own citizens.

On the 4th May 2006 3000+ state and federal police

violently attacked the town of San Salvador Atenco in

the State of Mexico. During the raid the police

violently and arbitrarily arrested more than 270

civilians including women, elderly people and

children. Most of the detainees suffered serious

injuries as a result of severe beatings prior to

arrest and once in police custody. Most of the female

detainees were sexually abused and at least seven were

raped by police officers. An unarmed fourteen year old

boy, Javier Cortes, was shot dead at point blank range

and a twenty year old student, Alexis Benhumea has

since died as a result of injuries inflicted by a tear

gas canister fired at his head. Three foreign

nationals, one Chilean and two Spanish women, were

arrested, beaten and sexually abused before being

expelled from the country. Once in prison, detainees

were denied access to doctors despite some having

suffered serious internal injuries as a result of

police beatings.

Twenty eight people remain in prison awaiting trial on

serious charges that we fear are politically motivated

as many belong to grass roots political organisations

that are in opposition to the government.

At least 50 police officers have testified that they

received orders from Mexico State Police Chief Rogelio

Cortez Cruz and his assistant police chief Remedos

Estrada Colin to brutalise the local population and

conduct unwarranted searches.

Also on the 4th May the treasurer of the Autonomous

Council of San Blas Atempa in the state of Oaxaca,

Faustino Acevedo Bailon, was assassinated by

unidentified persons. He had been involved in a

popular struggle against the local government and was

on his way to the 4th National Indigenous Congress

when he was murdered.

Now, more human rights abuses are taking place in

Oaxaca City. A huge occupation of the city centre by

striking teachers and other local people was violently

attacked by police on Wednesday 14th June. Police

fired large amounts of tear gas indiscriminately into

the crowd, including from police helicopters. Reports

state that 92 people were injured by the police

assault. A pregnant woman suffered a miscarriage as

a result of the police violence. Although the local

citizens have re-occupied the city's central square

there have been unconfirmed reports of one or more

people being killed by the police, with many others

injured, arrested or 'disappeared'. We are extremely

concerned for the safety of those still involved in

the protests and those who have been detained or are


All this is taking place ahead of the forthcoming

Mexican elections in July and all three main political

parties - President Fox's PAN, the PRI and Lopez

Obrador's PRD have been involved in carrying out the


Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group calls on the

Mexican Government to;

- Release the remaining 28 Atenco prisoners.

- Drop all remaining charges against those arrested in


- Ensure the resignation or removal and prosecution of

all government or police officials and police officers

involved in the Atenco abuses.

- Immediately withdraw all state and federal police

from the City of Oaxaca.

- Release without charge all those arrested in Oaxaca.

- Put an end to all acts of repression against the

people of Mexico.

We call on the British press to not ignore what is

going on in Mexico but to investigate these terrible

human rights abuses and report them so that people in

this country can see the reality of what is happening.

We call on human rights organisations to investigate

the abuses and act to stop the Mexican Government

perpetrating violence against its people.

We call on the British Government to persue whatever

avenues of diplomacy it has at its disposal to protect

the victims of this oppression .

And finally we call on all UK citizens, political

parties and organisations, trade unions, NGOs,

charities and autonomous groups to protest the

repression and echo the above demands by spreading

information, making public statements, writing letters

to the Mexican Government and Ambassador to Britain

and taking part in any demonstrations that are

organised here in the UK.

For further information contact or go to

Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group.

Please write to the following denouncing the ongoing

repression in Mexico:

Mexican Ambassador to UK:Juan José Bremer de Martino16

St. George St, MayfairLondonW1S 1LXE-mail:

President Vicente Fox Quesada.

State Governor: Ulises Ruiz

Lic. Enrique Peña Nieto, Constitutional Governor of

the State of Mexico. E-mail:

Permanent Mission of Mexico to the United Nations in

Geneva. E-mail:

Attorney General of the Republic, E-mail:

Dr. José Luis Soberanes Fernández, President of the

CNDH. E-mail:

Lic. Carlos Maria Abascal Carranza, Secretary of

Government. E-mail:

Lic. Abel Villicaña Estrada, Attorney General of the

State of Mexico. E-mail:

Viceadmiral Wilfrido Robledo Madrid, Commissioner of

the State Security Agency. E-mail:

General Judiciary Council of the State of Mexico.


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