"Education as it is and how it could be" (West London)

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"Education as it is and how it could be" (West London)

Education: As It Is and How It Could Be.

Student protests over tuition fees: demonstrations, confrontations with the police and the government. Education is a subject which is frequently in the news and this has certainly been the case in recent months!

Other topical issues in education are:

* Expenditure by the Department for Education is to be reduced by 10% in the four-year period covered by the Spending Review.

* Difficulties for students in finding university places.

* Multi-million pound cutbacks in funding for sixth-forms.

* Many schools, facing spending cuts, are struggling to maintain services.

* Proposed changes in the National Curriculum, GCSE exams and in the funding for schools.

* School performance league tables.

Does education really have to be like this?!! These problems for education are so typical of what can be expected under capitalism.

Basic features of the present education system are:

* The education for the vast majority is founded upon preparation for employment (i.e. the demands of the capitalist profiteers).

* Like so much else, it is strongly subjected to spending reviews and cutbacks.

In complete contrast to this, in a real socialist society, education would be hugely expanded and improved. For example, the acquisition of knowledge, new skills and interests would become a lifelong process. Capitalism’s waste of resources on finance and armaments will have long since been abolished. As a result, many more people and materials will be involved in education, which will be to the benefit of society as a whole. Education will be like socialism, itself which was described by Karl Marx as being “an association, in which the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all”.

Speaker Vincent Otter

Tuesday 7th December 8pm

Chiswick Town Hall
Heathfield Terrace
Turnham Green
W4 4JN

Free entry. Discussion period.

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