Film night and discussion 4pm, Sunday. 2 May @ LARC (London)

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Apr 20 2010 00:28
Film night and discussion 4pm, Sunday. 2 May @ LARC (London)

Were going to be watching,

Vivir La Utopia

Is a sympathetic documentary to accompany the events of the Spanish Revolution, when masses of working people lived and organised on anarchist principles. Consisting of 30 interviews with survivors of the 1936-1939 Spanish Revolution, intertwined with original footage of that time, the documentary Living Utopia - Vivir La Utopia tells the story of the Spanish Revolution of 1936 from the anarchist point of view.

Following that we are going to be discussing the short text,

Libertarian Communism by Isaac Puentes (which can be found here)

One of the main pamphlets put out by the CNT and was adopted in part as part of the CNT’s platform in 1936. It goes through responses to various prejudices against anarchism and then outlines how an anarchist society might function.

Other short suggested reading (if you have the time to spare)
The Maydays in Barcelona 1937: here
A Day Mournful and Overcast: The Uncontrollables: here
Selfed Unit 18: Spain , the collectives: here
Or anything else from here

The Radical Reading Collective is a group set up to discuss texts and the relevance of their ideas to history and to struggles today. All are welcome. IT IS NOT ESSENTAIL TO HAVE READ THE TEXT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE DISCUSSION. Come and discuss relevant books, films and ideas in a friendly open environment.

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