How Honduran workers took on sweatshop bosses... and won (Housmans 22.04.10)

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How Honduran workers took on sweatshop bosses... and won (Housmans 22.04.10)

Housmans – radical booksellers since 1945

A No Sweat forum hosted at Housmans Bookshop

‘How Honduran workers took on sweatshop bosses... and won’
with Speakers from People & Planet and No Sweat

Thursday 22nd April, 7pm


Speakers from People & Planet and No Sweat draw lessons in international solidarity from Honduran resistance to sweatshop bosses.

In 2009, Honduran workers who had been fired from their jobs making garments for US apparel giants like Russell Athletic won reinstatement and union recognition after a massive international solidarity campaign.

In many ways, their case was typical; low-paid workers in a developing country working for employers operating on subcontracts from big apparel companies. The clothes they stitched would be sold on college campuses and high-streets across America and, when their bosses fired them for attempting to organise a union, their experience was one shared by thousands of other workers in the garment industry across the world. What makes this group of workers different is that, unlike so many others, they won.

The combined pressure of domestic protest and massive international solidarity campaign - in which UK organisations like People & Planet, Labour Behind the Label and No Sweat were central - forced their employers to reopen a closed workplace and rehire all 1,200 workers on union contracts. How did they do it, and what does it teach us about how we can support frontline workers' struggles against sweatshop exploitation?

No Sweat is a UK campaign for workers' solidarity against sweatshop labour and hyper-exploitation; since 2001, it has build active links between workers and activists in the UK and workers in struggle against exploitation from Argentina to New Zealand, from Haiti to Indonesia. Our monthly central London discussion forums help us raise awareness of a variety of workers' struggles and discuss how we can support them.

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