"Inflation - Is it over-hyped?" (Glasgow)

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"Inflation - Is it over-hyped?" (Glasgow)

"Inflation - Is it over-hyped?"

What is inflation?

The Socialist Party’s explanation is not shared by the Bank of England, most politicians and economists. Vic Vanni will examine the conflicting views.

What causes inflation?

Are the culprits greedy trade unions or profit hungry bosses? Or is it something quite different? The Socialist Party thinks so.

Vic will expain our position, why inflation exists and discuss whether it is a working class issue at all.

Speaker - Vic Vanni.

Maryhill Community Central Halls
304 Maryhill Road
G20 7YE

Wednesday 20th October 8:30pm

Organised by the Socialist Party of Great Britain

Join us to discuss socialism and organise to promote a world of production for use not profit. A world of common ownership and democratic control without the state, leaders, nations, war or money.

All welcome. Free admission. Free discussion.

Details of this and all our meetings can be found here: