June 30 plans Newcastle

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Jun 28 2011 20:46
June 30 plans Newcastle

There's a couple of things for supporters of the strike to go to in Newcastle upon Tyne

1. Join the picket at Newcastle College Rye Hill Campus, Scotswood rd, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7SA
- 7.30am - 10.30am

This picket is to support UCU members on strike on June 30, but it's about much more than that; the situation at Newcastle College is a regional & national disgrace.
634 staff at the college have been told that they face redundancy; there will be about 180 permanent job losses; the rest will still have a job if they accept a 30% pay cut. These cuts will also wreck the future education of thousands of young people in the north east.
Fact: the college is publicly funded but is run as a business, for profit. It has reserves of £6m; the cuts are not necessary.
Fact: the college principal is Jackie Fisher. Guess how much she is paid in a year; 50 grand? 100 grand? Nope; £260000. Two hundred & sixty thousand pounds. Every year. Ten of the college's 'management team' earn over £100000. These people have created at atmosphere of fear, intimidation & victimisation. They are taking the piss.
Questions need to be asked. Why has Newcastle College Group bought up a loss making private training company, 'intraining'? Where are the 'profits' going? In what way is the management of the college accountable to the people of Tyneside.
Jackie Fisher: you and your cronies get out NOW. The gloves are off. NO CUTS. EDUCATION NOT PROFIT.


2. March in city centre, assembling 12 noon at Time Square (Life Centre, Centre for Life)
The march will go to Grey's monument for a rally at 1pm.

In between 7am and 12 noon anarchists and other anti-cuts protesters will be visting other picket lines - possibly including jobcentres, schools, the Marine Management Organisation and Rural Payments Agency in Newcastle Business Park (off Scotswood Rd), and "The Ministry" (Longbenton DWP). To meet with other mobile picket supporters its probably best to either be at the Newcastle College picket or as an alternative (but plans are less together for that end of town) "The Ministry", both at 7.30am.