"Letter to Socrat"

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Sep 12 2014 23:16
"Letter to Socrat"

Our comrade from Moscow, Aleksey Sutuga (Sokrat), is under arrest for several months. He is a famous russian antifascist and anarchist.

This is the second court case for him. The first one was started in 2012 year. During anti-fascist concert far-right supporting security attacked spectators, and claimed anti-fascists having initiated the violence. This was the reasons of arrest. The court case lasted two years without any result. Aleksey was amnestied at the begining of 2014 but police have made it clear that will not leave attempts to put him in a jail.

On the 5th of April Alexey Sutuga was detained again. He was going back with friends from the show in the club Rock House, when several plain clothes police officers approached to them near “Izmaylovskaya” metro station, they said they are the criminal investigators from Petrovka, 38. At least 10 antifascist were detained with Sutuga together.

In the police record had been written that Sutuga, from their words, used foul language in the public place. In relation to Sutuga the report was made according to the article 20.1 of the Code of Administrative Crimes (minor hooliganism).

Sutuga managed to tell his friends that on the way to DIA he was asked in details about his recent visits to Ukraine, there are similar cases with other political activists.

On the 7th of April it became known that Sutuga is charged in the criminal offense (“hooliganism with a group of people”), to be exact, the fight with Nazis on the 2nd of January 2014.

Currently judicial debate is taken place. Testimony of neo-nazi witnesses is confused, some of them abandon previously given testimony. But the chance that Alexey will get a real jail time is very high because of his political activity.

Now we want to support him morally.

During the week we will be waiting for your large and small letters, notes and suggestions to e-mail pismo_sokratu@avtonom.info

On the following Sunday, September 21, we combine your mails and send to Alexey as a single letter.

Support comrade!
Free Alexet Sutuga!