Mark Gold 'Cranks and Revolutions' (Housmans 11.03.09)

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Mark Gold 'Cranks and Revolutions' (Housmans 11.03.09)


Housmans – radical booksellers since 1945

‘Cranks and Revolutions’
with Mark Gold

Wednesday 11th March – 7pm

Animal Rights campaigner Mark Gold discusses the inspiration behind his latest novel ‘Cranks and Revolutions’, a light-hearted drama-documentary of the last fifty years of radical protest in the UK.

‘Cranks and Revolutions’ tells the story of two brothers from a family for whom protest has always been a way of life. Brought up in the 1960s on CND marches, fund raising events for the victims of the Nigeria-Biafra civil war and rescuing oiled sea birds after the Torre Canyon disaster, the Bob Dylan inspired Rob goes off to university to be part of the hippy generation, campaigning passionately against the Vietnam War and apartheid.

But while Rob settles down to marriage, children and career, it is his younger brother who maintains the family tradition, involving himself in all the major campaign issues of the day before eventually taking a job with a rapidly growing animal rights organisation in the early 1980s. Against an unsympathetic backdrop of Thatcher and Blair's Britain, Tom Moore sets about convincing the world to become peace-loving vegans.

‘Cranks and Revolutions’ is a light-hearted drama documentary of the last fifty years of radical protest in the UK. It is a funny and sympathetic book, full of quirky and amusing events and characters - such as unreconstructed Marxist Aunt Helen, kindly, radical vicar Tony Swallow, suburban High Priestess Denise Oakley and zealous vegan anarchist Septimus the Severe. An alternative political history in the tradition of John O'Farrell's ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ or Jonathan Coe's ‘The Closed Circle’.

Praise for ‘Cranks and Revolutions’

"Mark Gold charts the important campaigns of the past fifty years with great humour and irony in his novel. It is a reminder also to the post-war generation that the issues on which we fought were first ignored, then considered mad, then dangerous, and after a pause adopted as conventional wisdom."
Tony Benn

'"I recommend this book to any Outrage reader and to any of your friends who want to change the world, whether or not non-human animals are their main concern. It is informative, entertaining and thought-provoking."
Outrage, Animal Aid magazine.

About the Author

Mark Gold was Director of Animal Aid for eleven years and still works part-time for the organisation. He also works for Citizens' Advice. His previous books are ‘Assault & Battery’ (1983), ‘Living Without Cruelty’ (1988), ‘Animal Rights’ (1993), ‘Animal Century’ (1998) and ‘Under A Wanderer’s Star’ (2002).


Event information

Wednesday 11th March – 7pm
Housmans Bookshop
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Tel: 020 7837 4473

Free entry
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