New ACG pamphlet on ID politics

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Nov 26 2021 16:13

I fear the ACG in their friendly email response to the spgb published in the current Socialist Standard have missed an opportunity to more effectively contest the spgb's bland rejection (as simply reformist) of any role for 'autonomous' class struggle based 'oppressed' groups as a contribution to the practical advancement of independent class struggle, by engaging in a rather abstract and formal debate on the merits or otherwise of communists using parliament (the spgb's favoured territory). They might have faired better challenging the spgb on its own claimed, if confused and limited, support for sections of the working class engaged in defensive action short of 'revolution' in relation to the merits of 'direct action', rather than referencing the failures of the Labour Party that both parties agree on.

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Dec 1 2021 01:24

The E-mail and the SPGB response