New Organise! Resistance and ID pamphlet

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May 3 2006 15:41
New Organise! Resistance and ID pamphlet

Three new publications from the AF are now available.

Organise! 66. Our magazine - with articles on Venezuela, prisoner solidarity, ID cards, Rossport Solidarity Camp, dealing with the media, mountain top removal in Appalachia. You can get a copy by writing to BM ANARFED, London WC1N3XX - it costs £1.50.

Resistance 84 - articles on Asylum, the NCADC, Defy ID, Pension strikes, teacher strikes. This is available as a pdf on and will soon be up on

Defending Anonymity - a throughly revised second edition of our FREE pamhlet on the struggle against ID cards. Available online at: or write to the London address. If you'd like a bundle to distribute, please ask. A donation would be appreciated, but isn't essential.