the Reimagining Society Project on Znet

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the Reimagining Society Project on Znet

From the introduction to the project hosted by Z Communications "Reimagining Society" mini site:

Running through Sept 30th

Reimagining Society participants are generating a vast outpouring of content bearing upon vision for a new society and strategy to attain the aims. This includes:

o brief introductions by a great many participants summarizing their histories and their hopes and desires for the project
o initial essays provided by many participants which serve as the starting point of the project discussions
o discussion among participants of the essays
o comments on the essays by many readers of the site
o itemized proposals extracted from the essays and discussions
o polls tallying participants' and readers' reactions to the proposals
o concluding essays by participants assessing the overall project, and
o a brief accounting of possible future directions for the project.

The Project is hosted by Z Communications but the contents are freely available for linking or posting on any site that wishes to reproduce all or part of the contents.

There are now over 135 essays and climbing. Here are some featured ones...

Evans: Revolutionary Organizing
Mohideen: Feminism
Bohmer: Venezuela
Hawkins: Municipal Dev. Bank
Suggett: Post Sexist Society
Raptis: Transportation
Ferguson: Labor, Love...
Peters: Intimacy
Podur: Polyculturalism
Shalom: Parpolity
Albert: Imagine and Act
Hahnel: Participatory Planning
Wilpert: 21st Century Socialism
Chomsky: Notes on Anarchism