Week of Action Against the Welfare Abolition Bill

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Mar 3 2009 12:26
Week of Action Against the Welfare Abolition Bill

Disabled People’s Direct Action Network, Feminist Fightback, and London
Coalition Against Poverty met this week to get planning for the week of
action from 7-15 March and have put a toolkit together to help others take

The week of action has been called at short notice because the 3rd reading
and commons vote could take place anytime from 9th March. The window in
which to stop these draconian changes is small so we need to take action

Toolkit now available online

The toolkit for action is now available at It includes:

A Briefing on the ‘Welfare Abolition Bill’
An Action Guide with ideas for action and a list of possible targets
A leaflet for you to use on your actions
Information on subvertising the disgusting 'Targeting Benefit Thieves'
A leaflet to give to claimants at your local Jobcentre Plus
A draft press release

Take action now:

Forward the call to action and links to the toolkit to every e-list you
are on or organisations you think might be interested.
Call an emergency meeting of a group you are involved in to plan an action.
Get together with others to leaflet your local Jobcentre Plus.

If you're in London (or can come down)...

* Come to the lobby of Parliament this Tuesday. Meet people from this
e-list at St Stephen's Gate at 11.30am, or come along to committee room 14
at 12.30-14.30.
* Join LCAP and Feminist Fightback to leaflet at job centres in Hackney in
the next few weeks. Email if you
have time to spare to leaflet.
* Come to the next planning meeting (hosted by Feminist Fightback) on
Thursday 5th March, 7pm, The Angel, City Road (50m south of Old St

Forward the call to action:

Call to Action

Week of Action on ‘Welfare Abolition Bill’ March 7 – 15th

The London Coalition Against Poverty, Disabled People’s Direct Action
Network and Feminist Fightback are calling on all groups and individuals
concerned with the eroding of our welfare rights to take part in a week of
action against the ‘Welfare Abolition Bill’ .

As the government has bailed out banks and rewarded the bosses with big
bonuses they have been stealthily pushing through a bill that will
virtually abolish welfare for single parents and disabled people. Poor
people are being forced to pay for the financial crisis caused by the

The Bill proposes a number of draconian changes including:

• Introducing a compulsory work-for- benefits system in a US-style
workfare scheme
• Privatising more of the work of Jobcentre Plus to companies which
be paid more the less benefits they award
• Increased punishments for claimants
• Cuts on carers’ allowance
• Compulsory two parent registration on birth certificates, including
survivors of violence

The third reading is expected near the end of March. We need to stand
with those targeted to oppose the passing of this bill by taking dissent
to the streets, to the government offices, to the bankers and the bosses.

A toolkit with more information on the bill, leaflets, a press release and
suggestions for action is available here:

Join the planning email list here: