Welsh Devolution and Socialist Politics (Housmans 17.06.09)

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Welsh Devolution and Socialist Politics (Housmans 17.06.09)


Housmans – radical booksellers since 1945

‘Clear Red Water: Welsh Devolution and Socialist Politics’
with Nick Davies & Darren Williams
Wednesday 17th June - 7pm

Nick Davies & Darren Williams of Welsh Labour Grassroots discuss how Welsh Labour continues to follow a socialist path, creating a growing gulf of ‘clear red water’ between Wales and the Westminster of New Labour.


While the Labour party in Westminster moves further from its roots, alienating its traditional supporters by its readiness to follow the United States into disastrous foreign wars, its tolerance of inequality and its commitment to the free market, a Labour-led administration in Wales has pursued a very different programme, underpinned by a sincere commitment to equality and social justice. In 2002, Welsh first minister, Rhodri Morgan, said that these policies were putting ‘clear red water’ between Wales and Westminster.

This book is a timely examination of the devolution process and the ambitions of the ‘clear red water’ programme, arguing that it draws on Wales’ rich traditions of radical politics, as well as a resurgent national consciousness. Warning of the dangers posed by the incomplete devolution process and the democratic deficit in Labour politics, the authors call on Welsh Labour to consolidate its initial achievements and follow a consistently socialist path to place Wales in the forefront of the struggle for a just and equitable world order.

‘I hope every Labour activist in Wales, and the many who have almost lost hope of ever seeing a UK government lead them in their own interest rather than crawl to the playboys, playgirls and speculators who own our economy, will read this book. It deserves to have as big an impact on Welsh politics in the 21st century, as did The Miners’ Next Step in 1912, Nye Bevan’s Why Not Trust the Tories in 1944, and Gwyn Alf Williams’ When Was Wales? in 1985. With the casino economy crashing around us, we have to develop a new programme, for a renewed Labour movement. This is the book we shall need.’ Dr Julian Tudor Hart

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