Fascists chased out of Wellington, Aotearoa

We had an antifa demo today, here's a report I wrote for Aotearoa Indymedia.

Fascists chased out of Wellington

Over 100 anti-fascist protesters chased approximately 20 members of the fascist National Front out of Wellington today when they attempted to hold a rally at the Cenotaph.

The day started when Steve Larsen and George Walters, two members of another fascist group, New Right, were spotted across the road taking photos as antifa were gathering. A group of approximately 12 antifa went over to let them know that their presence was not welcome, and they were soon forced to run away.

The National Front, attempting to hold their third annual rally, had hoped to hold it at the Cenotaph next to Parliament, but anti-fascist activists had already occupied the area, blocking entrances with banners and setting up barricades with large plastic road barriers which were found nearby.

Upon arrival, the Police removed the barricades and attempted to move the antifa off the Cenotaph, but the high number of antifa compared to police meant they soon gave up. Upon arrival, the National Front were redirected by Police to Parliament, where they were surrounded by a ring of police.

Over 100 antifa soon followed up the hill to Parliament, repeatedly forcing the police lines back towards the fascists. Sid Wilson, National Front fuhrer, attempted to read a similar speech to the previous two years but was drowned out by chants of "Follow your leader, shoot yourself!", "National Front, Nazi fascists!", "More hair than brains", "Twenty members nationwide", "No room for racism/fascism", "Run, run, Nazi scum!", "Nazi scum your time has come" and more.

One antifa was arrested for assault at Parliament, but was later released and his charge withdrawn, after spending an hour sitting handcuffed in a paddy wagon.

After a short time, the National Front were forced to leave down the hill, where they were surrounded by antifa, harassed and pelted with dumpstered bagels and other projectiles. This continued all the way to Wellington railway station, where antifa again pushed through the police line trying to keep us out of the station so the fascists could escape.

The fascists ran onto a train, which soon took them to the Hutt, where they are staying at Top 10 Hutt Park Holiday Park, the same location they have used for the previous two years.

You can call Hutt Park Holiday Park on 0800 488 872 or email info (at) huttpark.co.nz and accom (at) huttpark.co.nz to let them know how you feel about them hosting fascists.

Photos to come.


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Oct 21 2006 02:23


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