Anti fascists clean up Bramely

Over the past weeks, the Nazi ‘British People’s Party’ (BPP) have been claiming that they are regularly leafleting the Bramley area of Leeds, where BPP Fuhrer ‘Unsteady Eddy’ Morrison plans to stand in the next elections. They have been boasting how they are getting a good reception from the people of Bramley, and that their posters and stickers are not being ripped down or torn off. In response to this The 635 Group decided to organise a ‘Clean Up Bramley’ day.

On Saturday 21st January, a 40 strong group of antifascists spent 4 hours leafleting Bramley with a hard-hitting anti-BPP message. The leaflet distributed exposes the BPP for the pitiful sect of Hitler-worshipping nut-cases they are. Local people read the leaflet with interest, and we got a good response, but the most common question asked was, “Who the hell are the BPP?” So much for their alleged propaganda initiative in Bramley! Now, local people know who these vermin are ahead of Morrison’s lies in the May elections, and they know not to trust a word he says.

Despite the BPP’s claims to have been leafleting Bramley each Saturday, we saw no sign of them, no sign of their posters, and no sign of their stickers except a couple that had been torn off. We saw no sign of BPP National Secretary Kevin Watmough either, not even when we leafleted his house, nor of Morrison himself, nor of any of the other handful of fascists who live in the area. And by the way Kevin, the kids on your street think you’re an idiot and a wanker.

After struggling from farce to farce, the BPP appear to be on the ropes, they have failed to draw support from other fascist groups, sacked their own Chairman, are in financial dire straits, and recently lost their Leeds mailbox because of protests organised by The 635 Group. Morrison himself, an ageing alcoholic, is back on the booze, and increasingly drawing only derision from his Nazi comrades, while the UK section of fascist forum VNN, which the BPP control, has barely drawn a post all week.

Months ago, the BPP were promising a mass rally and meeting in West Yorkshire for January, but the date for this kept being changed, and the rally has now been cancelled. If the BPP are able to get it together at all, we expect an even smaller collection than usual of the ugly, middle-aged little men that make up this sickening Nazi cult. Despite this, we remain ever vigilant, and committed to oppose all fascist groups whenever, and however, they organise. By all means necessary.

The 635 Group

Text Of The 635 Group’s Bramley Leaflet:


Who Are The British People’s Party?

The so-called British People’s Party (BPP) are not a party for the British people at all. What they are is a small bunch of Hitler-worshipping fascist cranks intent on lying to and manipulating people while keeping their real agenda secret. The BPP are an insult to anyone’s intelligence.

Until recently the tiny BPP was called the ‘White Nationalist Party’, but they were unable to register that name with the Electoral Commission, so they began calling themselves the Nationalist Alliance. After 2 months, they were already squabbling, and after a split the BPP was set up. Two months later, the BPP’s own chairman left after yet another falling out, with the new leadership now accusing him of sexual misconduct and mental instability, and him accusing his usurpers of stealing party funds. The new Fuhrer of this shower is Eddy Morrison, who has repeatedly been accused of being, among other things, a drunken and corrupt police-informer, who would sell his own mother for beer-money.

Hitler’s Dog

Morrison hopes to win political power in Bramley this year, and will say whatever he thinks is necessary to get people to vote for him, he is a twisted and ruthless individual. Even Morrison’s fellow Nazis know that he is a man who cannot be trusted.

Like the rest of the BPP leadership, Morrison is obsessed with Adolf Hitler, the Nazi dictator our parents and grandparents fought World War 2 to destroy. On fascist internet sites he calls himself ‘Wolf 88’ after Hitler’s dog! The 88, with which Morrison also signs his posts, stands for ‘Heil Hitler’ (H being the 8th letter of the alphabet.) Morrison is a sad fantacist and a fascist bigot, his ravings have no relevance whatsoever to ordinary people in Bramley. Don’t be fooled.

Morrison’s Dog

Morrison’s own lapdog is Kevin Watmough, another swastika-wearing ‘Master Race’ fantacist, who can’t even dress himself properly. Like Morrison he has a track-record of involvement in cowardly racist violence, though as with all these BPP idiots, they can bark, but find it easier to run than bite. Take one look at any of this pitiful fascist sect, and ask yourself if they measure up as the ‘master-race’ of their bedroom fantasies, or if they are more like the cast of the film ‘Deliverance’, a pathetic and shambling bunch of mentally subnormal degenerates and perverts.

The BPP In Bramley

That is the reality of the so-called ‘British People’s Party’, just the latest bunch of fascist morons on the block. They are hoping to exploit poverty and neglect in Bramley, to recruit teenagers to their twisted Hitler-worshipping cause. What possible relevance could the insane ravings of a dead German dictator have to working-class people in Bramley? Don’t trust the Nazi BPP, don’t be fooled by them, and don’t let them near your kids. Recently they have been boasting about how their stickers and posters are not being ripped down in the area, it is their way of stamping a jackboot impression on Bramley, which they hope to build on in the next election. Don’t let the BPP organise, tear off their racist stickers, rip down their lying posters, and tell them to shove their fascist politics where the sun doesn’t shine.

Kick the BPP out of Bramley!

The 635 Group


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Jan 22 2006 16:35


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